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Stress-Free Vacation Prep is Good for Work-Life Balance

Posted by Nancy Saperstone on Mon, May 05, 2014 @ 08:53 AM


Warmer weather is approaching, which is typically when many employees like to use their vacation time.  Time off is key to maintiaining a good work-life balance but, if your employees feel too stressed getting out the door, it may be doing more harm than good. Below are some ideas for stress-free vacation preparation. (Not all of these suggestions may fit all kinds of jobs. Consider choosing the ones that fit your industry or profession.) 

  • Plan vacation dates for slow times at work.

  • Put in for vacation requests well ahead, so your supervisor can plan for your absence and work with your supervisor to arrange your workload around your time off.

  • Start the process of getting ahead several weeks before your vacation rather than cramming in the week before.

  • Talk with co-workers about helping each other out for your respective vacations.

  • Set up a vacation e-mail notifying co-workers and customers of your absence and return date, and directing them to another source for their needs.

  • Set up a vacation voicemail with the same information. This is common courtesy and may help lessen your workload upon return as people get what they need from the source you list.

Vacations are very important for a wellness lifestyle. All work and no play makes you more than dull and it can be dangerous to your health. So take time to relax with family and friends and don't let your getaway become a source of stress!

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