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Avoiding Stress that can Reduce Employee Productivity

Posted by Nancy Saperstone on Thu, Aug 09, 2012 @ 02:08 PM

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With the days getting shorter and shorter and the nighttime temperatures starting to fall, that can only mean one thing - summer is ending and September is right around the corner.  Sure, fall brings the excitement of football and the leaves turning magical colors, but with that also comes the stress of kids returning to school and trying to manage day to day life and work demands.   With vacations and kids out of school, the pace of summer tends to much slower.  With back to school comes the craziness of work life balance.  Here are some tips to help your employees manage the stress:

  • Strike a balance.  Work with employees to help them balance their work with commitments outside of work.  Flexible schedules and work arrangements can take pressure off employees and allow them to successfully meet all their demands.  Happier and less stressed employees will have increased employee productivity and employee morale.

  • Encourage and educate employees on healthier lifestyles.  Research has shown that exercise and eating healthy can have a direct impact on managing stress.  Think about starting a walking group or healthy eating club at the office to help employees lead a healthier lifestyle.  If you have a population with a high incidence of smoking, offer a smoking cessation program to help them quit. 

  • Learn to prioritize.  Often times employees need help prioritizing tasks.  Work with managers to outline the priorities and then encourage them to trickle those goals down to their employees.  Educate employees about effective time and meeting management and guide them towards organizing their work.

  • Get Support.  Having the support of a peer or manager, can help alleviate stress.  In the workplace, this can be done most successfully through a mentoring program.  A mentor can guide them on priorities, be a sounding board and help support them when times get tough.

Don't let stress start eating it's way into your workforce.  Staying in front of it and being proactive can help increase employee productivity, employee morale and motivation.  Happy employees are going to be better employees.


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